Financial and Accounting Services in Modesto, CA

Accountant looking at papers

The Pedrazzi Company has been serving the financial and accounting needs of individuals and businesses throughout Modesto, CA for decades. Our team is positioned to provide you with a full range of critical financial services, from tax prep to estate planning and beyond. Our capabilities include:

  • Financial management and consulting:
    Need advice on how to best manage your portfolio? We can help. Our experts sit down with you to go over all aspects of financial management and consult with you about your needs and wants.
  • Cost accounting and financial management for agriculture:
    We specialize in accounting for agricultural operations and can help you take control of your balance sheet to properly plan for the future.
  • Bookkeeping:
    Our bookkeeping ensures your ledger is always balanced and in the black. When it comes to examining P/L sheets and other important fiscal documents, good management of your books will lead the way.
  • Tax preparation:
    When tax time comes, don’t let it be a burden to you. We provide complete tax preparation services in Modesto, CA to ensure you’re in good standing with Uncle Sam.
  • Estate planning:
    We have an attorney on staff to assist you with estate planning. Our team helps quantify your assets and set up the proper plan for everything to be passed to beneficiaries.
  • Corporate tax preparation:
    Need someone to assist your business is calculating its tax liability and filing for the fiscal year? Our team is ready to help. We have a depth of experience in corporate tax prep.
  • Payroll services:
    Make sure your employees get paid on time and in full, and that your business’ payroll taxes are properly filed! We can help you set up any and all payroll tasks to give you peace of mind in running your business.
  • Notary services: When you need a legal document notarized for validity, let us tackle the task. We have certified notary publics on staff to assist you.
  • Health insurance:
    Exploring health insurance options? Consult with us today! We’ll be happy to sit down with you to make sure your concerns are addressed and the wellness of you and your loved ones is covered.
  • Life insurance:
    Planning for the worst-case scenario is never a bad idea. Let us talk to you about the benefits of life insurance and help you pick a plan that’s right for your budget and your legacy.

For more information about the many financial and accounting services in Modesto, CA we’re able to provide, please contact a member of our team today at 209-837-4471.